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Keeping your data safe online

Keeping Safe Online

Your personal details are precious. Keep safe online with these tips and tricks.

Kirby Twitter Plugin

Kirby Twitter Plugin

A small plugin for working with Twitter timelines in your templates.

Kirby Chopper plugin for Kirby 3

Kirby Chopper

A small plugin for Kirby 2 that creates excerpts from fields but keeps the html tags intact.

You should hire a professional web designer

Why you should hire a professional web designer

It has never been more important to have an effective presence on the internet. Learn why you should not do it your self.

Land your first design job

Land your first design job

This time of year are the plenty of design & tech graduates out there about to dip their toes in the world. The career ladder awaits.

Using the CLI to optimise images

Using the cli to optimise images

Images are a great way to add interest to your site. Learn how to optimise them here.

Use Kirby to Optimise CSS & JavaScript

Optimising CSS and JavaScript

It's common knowledge that you should be bundling your CSS & JavaScript code into single, minified files. Kirby can help.

Audit your sites performance

Audit your sites performance

With the increasing demands of mobile users, site speed is more important than ever. Read on to pick up some neat tips & tricks you can implement for free.

Kirby CMS

Using Slate Engine with Kirby

A short time go we released Slate, our open source sass framework. In this post, we show you how to configure it to work with the most excellent Kirby CMS.